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Software Design, Support and Customization

At Changes Solutions Ltd. we provide application development services for clients in accordance with best practices and client specifications. we employ a systematic design and development process that produces user friendly software that is scalable with any environment as your organization grows. We develop new applications, redesign or customize existing applications and also provide you with the requisite application support and maintenance.

--New applications design and development: If there isn’t an existing software that can match your organization needs we can design a new application just for you

--Existing application redesign: We provide the support you need as you grow and change, we can redesign your existing web application to now match your current business needs and vision. We do not believe in re-inventing the wheel, if there is an existing software that supports your business processes or is easy to modify to match or enhance your business structure we can customize that software just for you.

--Application maintenance and support : Our environment is fluid and this require us to be just as fluid to maintain a competitive edge. With any software we provide you with the requisite support and maintenance as you focus on growing and changing.

Skills Training and Coaching

Training creates a supportive workplace where employees are consistently motivated and satisfied with their jobs and more so their personal growth and well-being. Providing the relevant training for your employees will guarantee a greater return on your investment. Employees who are competent and on top of changing industry standards help your company hold a position as a leader and a strong competitor within the industry. Change solution provides a number of training options for clients who wish to expand their employee skills and knowledge. Training sessions are tailored on a needs assessment basis. Training areas includes: Leadership competencies Customer service Corporate/ IT Policy Software User Interface We partner with the right experts in their area to provide you with a trainer that is committed to your success.

E-learning Solutions: Learning Management Systems and Courseware

Technology and globalization has transformed the landscape of learning and development. E-learning can either enhance the traditional mode of classroom learning or easily stand on its own. The fast pace environs in which we operate e-learning is now the mode of delivery for most training due to the fact that it offers a faster delivery, lower cost, and overall is a more effective learning method. At Change Solutions we select the Learning Management System that is just right for your organization and support you in the implementation, training and maintenance stages. We also support you with instructional design strategies to make online learning more fun and engaging with interactions and simulations. 

The benefits of E-learning :

• Learning is self-paced and self-directed allowing learner to choose appropriate content and tools and speed of leaning based on their needs and skill level

• Content can easily be designed around the Learner and employ a variety of delivery method to facilitate multiple learning styles

• Geographical barriers are eliminated.

• 24/7 accessibility

• On-demand access means learning can happen precisely when needed

• Enhances Learner computer and Internet skills

• Most major universities and corporation in the world employs some form of e-learning

Web Application Design & Development

Change Solutions is passionate about web design and development. Each website design developed by us is one of a kind and is crafted to to emulate your company's vision and values.. We ensure that each website is built professionally, SEO friendly and is compliant with best practices and web standards. We develop our websites with top content management systems such as Drupal and Word press, etc. Our team is proficient with programming languages such as jQuery, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, CSS 3/HTML. Our web development division is able to develop sites ranging from a simple static website to complex web-based internet applications, business applications or e-commerce websites.


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